Use Facebook Debugger Tool To Update URLs

We’ve noticed that some contributors with converted sites have experienced issues when trying to share posts via Facebook. Sometimes, Facebook gets confused about what images to display, so it might not display anything. If you experience this issue, use the Facebook developer debugging tool to “scrape” the URL so Facebook refreshes it. (The direct link…
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The End (Of Site Conversions) Is Near

Our cleanup of the AreaVoices platform is nearly complete! We’ve been working hard to archive or remove inactive sites and converting those that will remain active on the platform. We’re down to our final 25 sites! If you’re new to this newsletter, you may be interested in seeing what we’ve written about in the past.…
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Doubling Down On Site Conversions

Thanks for your patience with us as we convert AreaVoices sites to the new theme. We recently sent a mass email to site owners  whose sites haven’t been converted yet so we can expedite the process. We also contacted site owners who haven’t been active for a while to see if contributors plan to continue posting…
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red pen

How To Improve Your Writing In Six Easy Steps

Writing is an art form, and like any art, you need to practice the skill often to hone and nurture it. The same goes for editing. Many people have great content, but it can suffer from basic mistakes or writing issues that could be easily eliminated through editing. Check out these seven quick edits to…
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Help Readers Navigate Your Site By Including A Menu

Depending on how robust your AreaVoices site is, you may want to consider using a menu to help readers navigate your site and the content you offer. You’ll need to decide what you want to present on your menu, because you have a few options. Add Pages If you want to add a page to…
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