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Get Paid For Your Work

Yes, you read that right. One of the major changes we’ve implemented in the new theme is the ability to display ads. While this may not seem like a change you should be excited about, the truth is you should be… and here’s why. Ads on your site equal ad revenue. As your pageviews increase,…
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New Themes Coming Soon To AreaVoices Sites

The AreaVoices team is excited to start the next stage of the new and improved platform—site conversion! Many great sites are still being displayed in an outdated theme; now we have the ability to update the look of the site by converting it to a new, more modern theme. Take a look at this site,…
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Spacing Out: Why White Space Is Necessary In Your Content

If you’ve heard of white space, you might think it’s a term only connected with graphic design and the blank space that isn’t covered with visuals or brand elements. In the world of digital content, white space can mean the difference between an audience reading your entire post or closing the browser window immediately. Without…
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Tech Tip: Login Issue? Try This

Login issues happen. We all get frustrated about it. Sometimes the issue happens on your end, sometimes on ours. If you can’t log in to your AreaVoices site, try clearing your cache. By doing this, you eliminate any files your browser automatically saves to check for repeated visits. Don’t know how to clear your cache?…
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Maximize Views And Shares With These Formatting Tips

In the world of newspaper publishing, reporters were assigned a number of inches to fill with their content. Those inches referred to the exact space available for what they had written—no more, no less. In the world of digital content, the space available for your information are unlimited…but that doesn’t mean you should abuse that…
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