Welcome To The Area Voices Community!

We’re off and running! What a week it’s been. After 22 years in broadcast media, I’ve started my new position as digital content development director for Forum Communications Company.  I know. What does this mean to you? Bottom line, we’re making an even bigger effort to hear your voice. I’m going to be getting out into the community telling businesses, organizations, schools and groups about digital community publishing opportunities with our company. Normal, everyday people will be able to submit stories on everything from high school football  to their favorite vacation spots to Grandma’s recipes.  This information will flow into more than 30 newspaper and broadcast websites of Forum Communications Company which reach more than one million readers each month. Not only will you be able to blog through  “Area Voices,” we’re also setting up a new social networking feature so users can comment on blogs and friend each other. We’ll set up the capability to follow “topics” throughout all of our websites in our 4-state region.  We know you have a lot ot say. We’ve heard from you and you’ve left us wanting more! We want you to start blogs on whatever you like to write about. We’re particularly looking for blogs on FOOD, FAMILY, FINANCE, HEALTH and TRAVEL.  In this blog, Community, I’ll be helping you navigate the waters. I’ll give you specific information about those categories, how to blog, what makes a good blog, and much more. Stay tuned and start blogging!