Areavoices Digest #1

Welcome to the first AREAVOICES DIGEST!

Every week in the digest, I’ll be telling you about the newest additions to the Areavoices community. I’ll tell you more about their blogs and where to find them. I’ll also be giving you updates on some of our most popular blogs and uncover some hidden gems on areavoices – blogs that you might have never seen,  but warrant your attention. So in no particular order here are today’s digest features:
(New) The Area Voices Community – –  We set it up this week as a resource for bloggers about what’s new on Areavoices. I’ll be updating this blog daily offering suggestions for effective blogging and also trying to actively recruit bloggers in our suggested topic areas: food, family, health, money and travel. I envision this blog being a permanent storing house for information helpful to our bloggers. We’ll be linking to technical support as well as to online tutorials on Youtube.

(New) Artist Insight – – Scott Brusven is the theatre director for the Fargo Moorhead Community Theatre. He says, “This Areavoices blog is dedicated to bringing you information about the arts and the artists in the FM area. You will find conversations with artists from all forms of art and learn more about what they’re working on.” 

 (New) Our Students Our Future – – Moorhead levy referendum supporters created a blog this week to raise awareness about the November 2nd operating levy referendum vote. They will use the blog to provide information about the specifics of the plan, where to donate or volunteer and where to vote.

MomStar – – Lisa Simony, aka MomStar, is a Grand Forks, North Dakota, blogger and mother of three. She says she writes “about family, health, money and travel (when we can get away with it!) … oh, and food (mmm, food.)”

AstroBob – – “Celestial happenings you can see from your own backyard.” Many of you might be familiar with AstroBob. This blog originates in Duluth and is one of their most popular bloggers.

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