It’s time again for our weekly look at what’s new and what might be worth another look on areavoices. Here are some blogs that you might like. 
1. Everyday Gourmet – – Jessica Sevald is a classically trained executive chef employed at The Waterford at Harwood Groves in Fargo. She is also an in-home culinary instructor, caterer, wife and mother.  She has a French culinary background, but she says her mission is ” trying to replicate that quality of flavor using as many shortcuts as possible.  I want great food without the fuss!”
2. Change for a Dollar – – Ross Almlie has been a financial analyst for 18 years. Although, he is still very new to areavoices, I’ve followed his enewsletters. What I like about Ross is his writing style and his way of making the financial world, more understandable to the common folk.
3. Modern-Day Jane – – Lyz  has been blogging on another site for a couple of years and recently made the switch to areavoices. This is a nice slice of life blog about her life. Here’s what she writes about herself: “Wife of Aaron and mom of Leah (6) and Ben (4), and baby Adam (1). Want a Masters degree without all that work. Teacher by personality, not employment (for now). Love Christ as my savior. A fan of pop culture, especially movies and music (although taste in novels leans more toward the classics.) Also love to talk and can’t stop if making others laugh.” 
4. The Gay Agenda – what two middle aged guys are really up to – This is a blog written by a gay couple in Fargo. The title is obviously a play on the argument made by some that homosexuals have an “agenda” to push their lifestyle. Ricky and Brad, claim that they’re not always organized enough to handle their own life (complete with kids, grandkids and a dog) let alone push an agenda. They’ve written very funny posts about hosting dinner parties for friends, or coping with life with a new dog, but they also write meaningful posts about topical issues such as Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the sexuality debate in the  ELCA. I think it is a blog that would inform, entertain and start interesting discussions.  It reminds me a little of the The Daily Show using humor to talk about newsy and relevant topics.
Also, be looking out for our upcoming blog about Extreme Makeover Home Edition, written by a contractor/volunteer. It should be fun. I’ll let you in on the details of that when they become available.
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