Let’s Hear It For The Bison!

As a UND graduate, you know that’s not always easy for me to say. 

But I must give credit where credit is due. Here’s to NDSU!

We’ve had a great week at areavoices. Just yesterday, Minnesota State University Moorhead started its Dragon News blog. In addition, I’m expecting at least a couple of K12 schools to be up and running with their blogs very soon. Details to follow!

I’ve met with school representatives over the last few weeks and one of the ways I sold them on the great possibilities of blogging was by using North Dakota State University as my example. NDSU News has been on areavoices for a couple of years. The media relations department there uses the blog very effectively to deliver the latest news and announcements from campus. Not only that, but at least one NDSU department is blogging as well. The chemistry and biology department shares with us the latest research in the field and communicates with students through it’s blog. The NDSU bowling team is even blogging.

Check out NDSU news at http://ndsunews.areavoices.com

Perhaps, NDSU realized ahead of the pack that school news is hot!

Two of our most popular blogs include the Bison media blog and the UND Sioux hockey blog, both written by sports journalists. People crave college and high school sports news! Can you give it to them?

If you work for a school or have a school you’d like to see blogging, let me know. I’d love to visit with school officials to tell them more about it. Chances are I’ll be pulling up NDSU NEWS for help! Thanks again Bison! You rock!

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  1. SIOUX FAN1977

    Hey Tracy, UND students, alumni, and faculty blog about a lot of things relevant to their institution and fields of study. We just don’t do it on “Area Voice”, to say that NDSU is ahead of the pack is a ridiculous statement without merit. Maybe if Area Voice wrote more enticing columns to get UND affiliates interested in responding then maybe we would.

    1. Tracy Briggs

      Thanks for your comment Sioux Fan 1977. I certainly didn’t mean to offend you or UND alumni, students and faculty. Did I mention I love UND?! My post was simply meant as a big thank you to NDSU for starting the first official school blog on our platform, Areavoices. I’ve used NDSU News as an example as I try to sell other schools on the merits of areavoices as a blogging platform. I would absolutely LOVE to have more Sioux fans, alumni, faculty, and students on areavoices. I’ve also made contact with UND media relations to start an official UND school blog. I know Sioux News would be a big hit on many of the 35 plus newspapers, TV and radio stations that feature areavoices on their websites. What better way to reach Sioux fans than by being featured right on the front page of the Grand Forks Herald website. You can do that with areavoices. We’re local and we reach 1.4 million people every month. If you don’t think areavoices has “enticing” columns, help us out! Share your favorite blogs with us. This platform is here for you and local readers would love to hear what you have to say. Thanks again for the comment!

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