Areavoices Digest #6 -Ghosts, Gumbo, Tawny Kitaen And Dirty Laundry

Quite a list, right?

But they are among some of the topics written about in this weeks’ recommended areavoices blogs. Some of these blogs are brand spankin’ new. Some are established but might deserve a second look.

1) I’m going to start with one that I think is kind of fun and very timely for Halloween. It’s called VRS Paranormal – Paranormal Files.
 VRS Paranormal is a scientific research team in Fargo, North Dakota that explore claims of paranormal activity throughout the states of North Dakota, Minnesota and South Dakota. Using scientific methods, they try to discover possible alternatives or logical explanations to paranormal situations. They also try to help people understand through education how to cope with their paranormal environments. These guys are like our local version of the SyFy channel’s “Ghost Hunters.” Their services are free. They’re pretty new to blogging, but I think they’ve already created a pleasing blog with a lot of infomation regarding “Ghost Hunting.” Their latest post, for example, was “Ghost Pictures – Real or Fake?.” Good fun.  

2) When I’ve recommended food blogs in the past, I’ve gotten emails from a couple of you exclaiming, “What about Chef Jeff?” Chef Jeff is a favorite for sure! Jeff Tiedeman is the food editor of the Grand Forks Herald. He writes a great blog about food. One of his last posts included a recipe for Turkey Gumbo. YUM!

3) Here’s another one with it’s roots in Grand Forks. Jukebox Hero. Jukebox Hero is music blogger Cassie Walder. She says she writes about the music she loves. “That does not include The Beatles. That does, however, include Wings. Please don’t judge. Just comment and add me to your favorites.” She frequently posts music videos which is a lot of fun. I enjoyed today’s post about Tawny Kitaen and Whitesnake. Wow! That is some serious ’80’s hair! Another fun blog.  If only, she’d blog about The Beatles. Just kidding.

4)Dirty Laundry.  “What do the crime beat and being a mom have in common? Dirty Laundry.” Justine Wettschreck is a crime reporter for the Daily Globe in Worthington, MN. She lives in a tiny southwestern Minnesota town with her husband, dog and whichever of her three children are around at the moment.
5) And this last one I mention more for information and inspiration than anything. Fargo School Talk is the Fargo Public School system’s official blog. From what I can tell (PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong) this is our first official K12 blog on areavoices. Again, if another district is doing a blog with us, let me know. I’m trying to recruit as many school bloggers as possible and I’d like to have examples of what other districts are doing.  I’m hoping to sign up many more K12 bloggers. That will continue to be a top priority of mine and I will have more schools (and universities to recommend soon).