Way To Go Sioux And Spuds!

Welcome to Areavoices University of North Dakota and Moorhead Area Public Schools! Both UND and Moorhead started their news blogs within the last few days. Now it’s going to be even easier to get the lastest news from the two schools. You’ll see their blogs featured on many Forum Communications Company websites , including In Forum, WDAY and WDAZ. To check it out for yourselves go to:



2 Responses

  1. Thank you for offering this opportunity to stay connected to UND. I am an alumni of this quality institution and worked there for 12 years as director of the UND International Centre. Updating us about “home” fills a void. I wish you the best~
    Sharon Rezac Andersen

    1. Tracy Briggs

      Thanks Sharon! I’m really excited about getting UND News on areavoices. UND has alumni all over the world and this is an easy way to keep up with all the news! I hope other universities following their lead!

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