Areavoices Digest #7 – Nov 3, 2010

Here is my weekly look at what’s news on areavoices. It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Word is definitely spreading about areavoices as a great place to share information. Check out some of our new bloggers!
TRAVELING TOD –  I’m really excited about this one. Tod Ganje is a travel agent for Travel Leaders in Moorhead. He had a weekly radio segment for 2 years on WDAY-AM. His blog will now replace that segment. Tod is a great resource for everything travel.  His blogs will include: advice on off beat or popular destinations or great deals on airfare, etc. He’s also open to answering questions. 

Connie Morrison is a general surgeon at Avera Worthington Specialty Clinic in Worthington.
I really like Connie’s blog about health issues. She writes about everything from walking away the common cold to telling us more about a Lance Armstrong live strong banquet. She also addresses timely topics such as the recent rash of concussions in the NFL.

UND NEWS – – This is a big one. UND has now joined NDSU and MSUM in starting an official university blog. I’ve already heard from UND alumni who are happyt to have this blog going so they can keep up with their alma mater. 

NDSU EXTENSION  –  – This is a fairly new blog written by contributors accustomed to sharing valuable, useful information. The most recent post features a discussion on whether beef source and age verification is worth the effort. Scroll down and you’ll see a brussel sprout recipe. This is going to be a nice resource for information and gardening, cooking, food, health and so much more. 

NDSU FINE ARTS  – – The blogger describes his blog this way: “This is a space where you can learn about our events, departments, faculty, students, guests artists and so much more.  We hope you’ll enjoy this blog, a space in which you may love what you see or question what people call “art.”  Because if art doesn’t make you occasionally question reality and broaden your mind, what is the point?”
And finally, Moorhead Public Schools have started an official school blog. Fargo started a few weeks ago.  West Fargo Schools should be up and running soon as well. If you are a teacher or school adminstrator and want to learn more about school blogging, just leave a comment on this blog or email me at