A Blog To Help You Stay Sane During The Holidays?

I’ve been asked by 3 different people in the last 24 hours if I’m getting ready for the holidays. I’m sure they’re just making idle conversation, but I’ve actually had to laugh in their faces. I don’t prepare early. I just took down my Halloween decorations yesterday and I’m still raiding my children’s Halloween candy. I’m not quite ready to think about turkeys and all the stuffing let alone jolly old st. Nick. So, like millions I will wait and procrastinate my way through the holidays. The result? I become a crabby mom who tries to work full time, juggle kids’ Christmas activities, bake cookies, write cards, and shop for gifts while not completely blowing my budget or losing my mind. That’s why I was so happy to see that one of our newest additions to areavoices, Melissa Schmalenberger is using her blog “MS. Simplicity” to share her tips for staying sane this holiday season. For the next ten days, Schmalenberger, a professional organizer, will give us ideas for how to prepare now for the craziness of the season so, once the season comes, we can truly enjoy it.

Watch for her blog on the homepage and family pages of many of our Forum Communications newspapers and broadcast sites. If you can’t find it there, find it at http://mssimplicty.areavoices.com.

Thanks Melissa!