Areavoices Digest #9 – November 17, 2010

Areavoices Digest #9 – November 17, 2010

Another week and more schools are jumping on board with areavoices blogs. Areavoices is a fantastic place to share school news. In additon to our newest school blogs, check out some of our other recommended blogs in this weeks’ digest. 
Valley City State University News –  VCSU is the latest of the colleges to join areavoices with an official school blog. Information on the happenings at VCSU not just for Valley City, but for the entire region.

Moorhead High Theater – – Moorhead Theatre is known for it’s spectacular, award winning productions and the parents who are running this blog have thrown their heart into making it blog look great! You can find video from their latest production of Tommy. Check it out!

Bigger Small Talk – – Jodee Bock is a business consultant and career coach. She conducts training sessions throughout the region about what she calls “riskful” not “wishful” thinking. About her new blog with us she says:   “this blog will ask some important questions, not because I have any answers, but because I think more often than not, the answers are in the questions. When we ask better questions, we will get better answers. When we challenge each other to really think and respond rather than to repeat and react, we will be creating a brand new experience with every conversation.” 

Northern Lights Boy Scouts – – Northern Lights Boy Scouts serves all of North Dakota and Northwestern Minnesota. Their blog is well done and has become a great place to share news of upcoming boy scout events in the region. 

I would like to make note of a couple of new health related blogs. They include:
Health Out Loud –  – “We are excited at Douglas County Public Health to launch the blog – Health Out Loud! In this blog we want to create an active dialogue with all of you to reach out and share reliable health information. Here you’ll find health updates, links to health-related sites and various articles of interest, focusing on health topics locally and in our state. Blog post authors will primarily be Health Educators from our Public Health Department; Amy Reineke, Crystal Hoepner and Jessica Peterson. Please bookmark and visit us often.”   It was hard not to take notice of the headline of their last post, “Your appeal to the opposite sex could TRIPLE as a non-smoker!” These women know about attention-getting headlines!
Kandiyohi County Drug Free Communities Coalition –  – this group started blogging last October and has done a nice job giving us information about tobacco, drugs, etc while also making the blog look really nice. 

Also, we now have at least 5 rotary clubs blogging with us. I won’t list all of their urls, but here are a couple that you could look at if you’re looking for examples for clubs in your area: and 
As always if you’re interested in starting a blog just let me know. I’m happy to help!