I’m Really Excited By This Trend!

In my three months working for FCC Interactive trying to recruit bloggers to areavoices, I’ve seen some fantastic blogs. But this week, I’m really encouraged by a trend I’m seeing. Just yesterday, the Moorhead Theatre Department started it’s blog. The students are currently staging a production of the rock opera “Tommy.” In their new blog they’re giving us a behind the scenes look at putting the show together through narrative, photos and video. Pretty cool stuff!  A couple of weeks ago Fargo South Theatre started its blog promoting the show “Bye Bye Birdie.” They, too, are giving us a taste of the performance through stills and video. Check out both of their blogs here:



The reason I’m so encouraged by this trend stems from my background in broadcast news. One of the complaints I heard most often was that we just couldn’t devote enough time to fantastic things going on in our schools. Believe me, many TV journalists are just as frustrated as you students, teachers and parents. We would love to devote much more time to your story and your video. But the time constraints are too strict.  Now to see this kind of video right on the home pages of The Forum and WDAY, I love it! You guys are getting the coverage you deserve under your terms.

I hope it will encourage other school groups, clubs and teams to follow suit. Wouldn’t it be fun to see video from your favorite high school football team or volleyball team on their own blogs? Or to watch your son or daughter in a speech and debate tournament in a speech and debate blog? The possibilities are endless. As always, if you want to learn about blogging for your school or school group, just send me an email tracy.briggs@fccinteractive.com. It’s easy and fun to do!

And for Fargo South and Moorhead High “Break a Leg!”