Areavoices Digest #12 – Dec 8, 2010 – Great Blogs For The Holidays!

Maybe I’m  all about the Christmas spirit today or maybe I just can’t get last night’s Glee Christmas special out of my mind. Whatever the case, this week’s recommended blogs have that holiday feel.

First a couple of fantastic food blogs:

GOT SOUP? Sara Watson and her husband Eric are the chefs and owners of Mosaic Foods Catering and also co-owners of Maxwells Restaurant in West Fargo  Sara will be the primary writer. She is bubbly and fun and full of personality. Their food is amazing! They used to be guests on my radio show and I think I learned something new everytime they came on. Sara says, ” I feel like I dedicate much of my life to food; whether it be cooking, creating recipes, talking about of food, reading about food, teaching our children how to cook and eat healthy etc…. I’m looking foward to sharing knowledge I come across and hope others who are as passionate about food as I am will also share their knowledge with me.”  
ARLENE COCO’S PRAIRIE KITCHEN –  Arlene Coco runs a food segment on WDIO-TV in Duluth. She hunts for local culinary stars and treasures. She says her writings follow the seasons so look for recipes and information about local food events, chefs and all things food related in the north land. She says, ” I will also share my culinary travels with you as I am a frequent visitor to Australia and recently to Southeast Asia.” I really liked the look of Arlene’s blog and I think it relates to all of us.
But Christmas isn’t just about the great food, it’s about shopping and our next blog will help you keep your budget in check.
REAL MONEY – – Financial counselors from The Village Family Service Center offer tips on how to save money, how to get out of debt and set up budgets. Their last post was about the 5 things you should know before heading to the mall for Christmas shopping. It’s a practical money blog where people can get valuable information.
GOOD PEOPLE GOOD BUSINESS –   Darrin D. Tonsfeldt is the director of in-office and organizational service at The Village Family Service Center. He is the lead blogger for Good People Good Business. Darrin will write about human resources including how to have a healthier work environment for your employees.
HEALTHY TIDBITS – Peggy Anderson is a breast cancer survivor and retired Duluth school teacher who talks about community events and other health-related issues. I think it’s worth a look if you’re a Minnesota property.