Areavoices Digest #13 – Dec 15, 2010 From Positive Motion To Dilly Casserole Bread

Positive Motion – Movement with a message
Patrick Kasper is the creator-presenter of the mind/body fitness/team building program POSITIVE MOTION. He’s says “It is my passion to Inspire, Encourage, and Motivate people to live happier and healthier lives We are all very well aware of the obesity epidemic in the United States, and how it is affecting our young people. I believe issues like obesity, bullying, internet abuse, alcohol abuse and tobacco use are all related and we need programs and people to teach our students the tools to live in ‘Pro-action instead of dis-traction.'” Patrick puts on seminars and events across the Dakotas, Minnesota and Wisconsin in which he teaches children about getting up and moving and in turn feeling good about yourself.
Appropos of Nothing 
I found Mary Hubbell’s slice of life blog entertaining and well written. Her last post asked the question, “At Christmas time, are you a peeker or a shaker?” I found some great recipes on the blog as well. In fact, I plan on making her Dilly Casserole Bread for Christmas.
Lend a Hand – A Dakota Medical Foundation Initiative
Lend A Hand is a Dakota Medical Foundation initiative to support and improve volunteer efforts to raise funds for people experiencing a medical crisis. Lend a Hand provides people with an online fundraising kit to teach them how to put on a successful fundraiser. They also help cover administrative costs and provide matching funds.  In their blog, they hope to share the stories of some of their clients and tell you more about how you can help. 
And finally here are a couple of business/money blogs you might want to check out:
The Dickinson Chamber  – Obviously, Chambers of Commerce are full of user-friendly information.
Economic Development News and Information –  Another good example, of an organization with topical information about the business community.
 Coming next week: The last areavoices digest of the year. Like so many people do this time of year, I’m going to compile a “best of” list. I’m going to recap some of the best recommended blogs from our 5 hot topic areas.