Areavoices Digest #14 – Traveling The World With Tator Tots And Barry ZeVan The Weatherman!

I’m resuming my weekly look at areavoices blogs you might want to consider. This is an eccletic group of topics. But I think a mix you’ll find informative and entertaining!
UND Sports Senior Associate Athletic Director Sean Johnson just started this blog last week. He’s hoping to use the blog platform to talk about things he wouldn’t normally get talked about in the paper or on the University of North Dakota Sioux website. He wants to use it to promote Sioux Booster clubs in the region, share game promotions and other information regarding UND sports.
Since I have arrived – a collection of traveling tales by a mother and daughter    Since I Have Arrived is a collection of travelling tales by Merrie Sue Holtan and her daughter Johanna. Merrie Sue is a talented freelance writer who has lived throughout Minnesota. Her daughter, Johanna is currently living in Scotland. I’m excited about this one. Merrie Sue is a great writer and I think she’ll bring us some entertaining stories as she travels the globe with her daughter. One of her last posts was the appeal and confusion about tator tot hotdish in Europe. (Oh, they have so much to learn!)
A Senior Moment with Barry ZeVan
Formerly known as Barry ZeVan the Weatherman on Channel 5 in the Twin Cities and Channel 7 in Washington, D.C. in the 1970s, and later on Channel 11 in Minneapolis during the 1980s, Barry ZeVan is a colorful character. He was even featured on The Daily Show with Craig Kilborn.  Barry wants his blog to reflect his thoughts about life as a senior citizen, as well as great memories. He currently lives in the Twin Cities area.

And finally as the New Year starts with people trying to pay off Christmas, a couple of interesting MONEY blogs:

Forum’s Financial Fix-up – Helping readers fine tune their finances A very practical blog which examines how three families work through their finances with the help of the Village Family Service Center. They’ll learn about investing, saving and paying off debt. Great user friendly content for the entire region. GREAT MONEY BLOG.
In the Black – Blogger and financial counselor Nancy Kvamme looks at practical ways to save money such as cooking all of your week’s meals in one day and the high cost of clutter. Another good money blog.
Happy reading!