Areavoices Digest #16 – January 26, 2011 – A Nod To Art Linkletter!

 Remember, that old Art Linkletter TV show, “Kids say the darndest things?” Well they do. And we love to read about it. That’s why I’m excited to recommend the following new blog by Shane Mercer, followed by 4 others.  Enjoy!
The Crazy Things Kids Say – –   Readers are invited to share their cute kid stories with Shane Mercer. Shane will then review the stories and post them to the blog. I found myself smiling as I read the blog today. It’s a very cute FAMILY blog that I think would work for everyone.
Cute Kids Pics Submitted by Our Readers –  Readers are asked to send photos of their kids. Shane is the author of this blog as well. People love to show off their kids. Why not on our platform? It’s appropriate region wide as well.
The Old Nichols Farm –  –
This blog is written by a stay-at-home mom of three living on a hobby farm near Jamestown, ND. She’s also an amateur photographer and former microbiologist.  She says, “mostly I blog about the simple chaos around here, and the way I see the world through my camera.” She’s written this blog on blog spot for a year-and-a-half and has built a nice following. While she lives in ND, she doesn’t talk about the area, so I think it would be appropriate region wide.
Coach Carolyn – Happiness and Success are up to you – Carolyn Baana is pursuing her certification with the International Coaching Federation, a group which trains life coaches.  Carolyn says of her work:
“Ultimately, the simplest explanation is that if you’re looking for someone to help guide you to get to your goals and dreams more quickly – and someone to hold you accountable in the process of moving toward them – then a coach would likely be a benefit to you. When my clients find the actions they need to take based on our conversations, then follow through and see progress which strengthens them to keep progressing toward their final destination, it energizes me. And that is why I coach.”

And finally…congrats to Melissa Schmalenberger. She writes a blog called MS Simplicity –  Melissa Schmalenberger just started her blog on areavoices in the fall and she has quickly become one of the most popular bloggers on the platform. She’s consistently in the top 20 among the 2,600 areavoice bloggers. Way to go Melissa!