Areavoices Digest #18 – Feb 9, 2011 – Have You Seen These Blogs?

Thanks for your feedback about the areavoices directory. I’m still wading through it blog by blog, revising and updating information. You can now see the directory on the blog sections of your home pages as well as on the areavoices homepage. I realize we still have featured blogs that might be missing. If you notice a blog that is not in the directory please shoot me an email. I will make sure to get it on the directory as soon as possible. As I said last week, this process is giving me the opportunity to find some wonderful blogs that might be deserving of a second look.
Powerful Perspectives – – When I asked everyone for feedback on great bloggers this is what Phil from River Falls told me, “Sam Bluhm’s Powerful Perspective’s blog is by far the hottest of the 25 local bloggers we have at the River Falls Journal. She brings a life coach perspective, is a professional business writer and weaves some heartwarming stories that generate lots of feedback.”  I looked through the blog and found it well written and interesting.
Rambling River Repair – – Sue and Bill Kropelnicki are fairly new to blogging, but I think this auto repair blog has a lot of potential. They own and operate their own shop in Farmington, Minnesota. Their last post addressed keeping tires in top shape during winter driving, so obviously, something we can all relate to.  The focus of their blog is to make cars and car repair understandable to the average Joe and Jane.

Rural Reflections – – Grant Nelson writes about rural life and farm projects. His column is featured weekly in the Northern Watch newspaper in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. His Radio program is also posted on his blog every Thursday by noon.

Music Moves – Perspectives & Insights from a Local Music Therapist – –  Natasha Thomas is a board certified music therapist. She says the purpose of her blog is “for any individual looking to learn how music can enhance their own life or the lives of their loved ones, co-workers, or friends.  Weekly posts will include such topics as “how music can aid academic learning”, “using music for stress relief”, and other perspectives on the many ways in which music can impact your life.”
Who Needs Who? – Stories of love from a special needs mom – – Kerri Kava is blogging about her life with her special needs son. He has Williams Syndrome or WS. But she writes, “I’m an extremely positive person and in no way am I wanting this blog to be a “poor me” bucket. But rather, a place to share, vent, and brag about the love and joy brought, as well as the everyday journey we experience.”
And finally I just wanted to point out two of our newest education-type blogs.
Detroit Lakes Public Schools is now blogging – They’ve used their blog to make school announcements and deliver other news. It’s a great use of blogging.
And Dr. Christopher Markwood, Interim Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Superior, has started a blog for UW Superior. I was really excited to see this one. I believe he’s the first Chancellor to blog with areavoices.  Very cool!