Areavoices Digest #20 – From Scottish Chemists To Minnesota Politicians

 Welcome back to our weekly look at areavoices blogs you might want to review. Three have been around for awhile. Two are brand spankin’ new. Enjoy!
The Corner Bar – – “A place where arguments and opinion flow as freely as the imaginary libations.” This blog has had a loyal following since it began in 2007. The author, Billy Bones, posts almost daily about current events and politics. His opinions are strong and so are those that comment on his posts. (In his latest post, he calls the governor of Wisconsin “Despicably Disingenuous!”)  But from my review of this blog over the last few weeks, it seems the debate remains respectful and relevant. It’s definitely a hot topic type blog.
Renew ND – – This is another long term blog. Mike Williams has been writing this blog since 2007. He concentrates on issues such as renewable energy, green living and the environment. Lately he’s been writing a lot about the Flood of 2011.
(NEW) The Scottish Chemist – Chemistry and Other Cool Science Stuff – Graeme Wyllie is a chemistry professor at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, but don’t expect this to be a dry science blog. Graeme is a great writer, witty, and entertaining. He’s making science fun in this blog and I think it makes science more approachable to the general public. He writes, “My blog will be a series of (hopefully not too technical) articles on science whether it be science in the news, bad science in the media or just materials relevant to what I am up to in the lab.” 
(NEW) Paul Marquart – – Paul Marquart is the representative for Minnesota district 9B in the state legislature. He’s from Dilworth and serves the counties of Wilkin, Traverse, Clay and parts of Becker County.  I think Paul’s blog should be a nice source of information about Minnesota government and politics. I hope other lawmakers will start their areavoices blogs soon.
The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles – – The first thing that attracted me to Jason Smith’s blog was the appearance. It’s super sharp looking! Great photos and just fun to scroll through. I was also attracted to this blog because it’s a one of a kind on areavoices. Where else are you going to see such a niche topic? I think you can learn a lot from Smith, a photographer and writer, as he tells the stories of historic bridges throughout the area.