New Areavoices Blog Makes You The Music Critic!

When you work in the media you get used to people stopping you in the grocery store asking you about something they saw in the paper or on the TV station where you work. I’ve given my thoughts on “Do you think John, Daryl, and Rob are really right about that forecast?” and “What do you think about Walaker’s prediction about the river?”

I really enjoy talking to people about what I do for a living. It means they’re reading and watching, right? Gives me a sense of job security. But there are times when I’m never quite sure how I should respond. One time back when I was anchoring, a woman came up to me in the frozen food section and  told me she didn’t like it when I wore big earrings. Not long ago, a man came up to me in Walmart and said he didn’t like it when Dana and Kerstin called Kevin Wallevand “Kev.” 

Then there’s this one, “What is John Lamb/Robert Morast thinking?

If you’re not familiar with them, John and Robert do the majority of music and theatre reviews for The Forum and InForum. I think they’re amazingly talented writers and they certainly know more about music and theatre than I could ever pretend to know. Still not everyone agrees with their opinions. That’s the beauty of reviews, right? We can’t all like the same things can we? (For example, I still don’t understand why the “Mamma Mia” movie got panned. Except, for Pierce Brosnan’s questionable singing ability, I loved it.)

Anyway, to my point. InForum together with Jade Presents is giving you the opportunity to be the critic. They’ve set up FM’s Finest.

According to their blog, FM’s Finest is a showcase for some of the best bands in Fargo-Moorhead who you might not know about; and a chance for you to tell us what other music should be in the conversation.  But FM’s Finest is also an opportunity for the music fans to take control. Think about every time you’ve read a critic’s concert review and disagreed, or opened the Forum newspaper and were disgusted to see that the paper did not cover a band that’s making waves in the local scene. Now’s your chance to change that.”

FM’s Finest will feature nine musical acts, ranging from funk rock to bluegrass, on their site and during weekly 10 p.m. Saturday concerts at The Monkey Bar in The Hub, 2525 9th Ave. S., Fargo. 

The concerts are for ages 21 and over and cost $3 to enter. For more information go to