Areavoices Digest #24 – Hot Blogs For A Snowy Day!

Happy Snow Day everyone!
Let’s hope those of you struck by the storm today are safe, sound and warm. Nothing like a blizzard at the end of March. Crazy! For those of you not struck by the storm. I’m jealous! Can I move in with you?

So to help warm you up as Old Man Winter gets one last laugh on us, I have some hot blogs you might want to look over.
Running: One foot in front of the other over and again –
Shane Mercer of The Forum says this blog has really taken off. It’s a community blog about running. So far there are 11 people from the region who are writing posts about running. You know runners can be pretty fanatical and plugged in. We’ve found that blogs about running tend to be pretty popular. In fact, if you haven’t looked at Steven Wagner’s Addicted to Running that’s a really good running blog too. It looks at training and nutrition.

Prairie Aire
This recommendation comes from Logan Adams of The Jamestown Sun. Prairie Aire is written by Katy Kassian. She writes about small towns in North Dakota. She’s energetic and has some nice photos, too.

Bluestem Center for the Arts: Educating, entertaining, inspiring and enriching our community through the arts –
Bluestem is a brand new outdoor peforming arts center in Moorhead which hosts music festivals, community events, performance art, speakers, and a variety of other activities and exibitions.
And speaking of music….
FM’S Finest 
FM’s Finest is a showcase for some of the best bands in Fargo-Moorhead who you might not know about; and a chance for you to tell us what other music should be in the conversation. As part of this partnership between Jade Presents and, FM’s Finest will feature nine musical acts, ranging from funk rock to bluegrass, on the site while inviting music fans to weigh in and share thoughts and photos.

Basic Business
This recommendation comes from Anna Erickson of The Park Rapids Enterprise. “Louis Schultz has been a regular columnist on our business page. I think there’s an audience out there in the business world that can find some useful information from him. He has extensive knowledge about business and finance.”