Bloggers Add Spice To The Royal Wedding

Why does a Royal wedding turn an otherwise professional, middle-aged woman into a princess-wannabe? I’m not going to lie. I got weird and weepy-eyed at the wedding this morning.(More on that later.) I wasn’t even one of those folks who set the alarm for 3:00am to watch it.  I woke up early enough to zip through my TiVOed recording of the ceremony before catching the live kisses on the balcony along with 2 billion other people around the world.  Since coming to work, I’ve been reading blogs, tweets and Facebook postings of the event.  I’m absorbing even the most minute of details from people using social media around the world. From Tweeted observations on the scene:

“Harry got louder cheers this morning than William.”

“There’s a reasonable amount of bubbly being consumed here.”

To Facebook posts on Kate’s “dreamy and daring” dress to Victoria Beckham’s “horrific” one.

To blog posts from Mommy bloggers who now worry they’ll be too tired to handle a day with their kids after rising with the royal chickens this morning.

While the media continually makes comparisons between today’s wedding and that of Charles and Diana, one thing that does not compare is the way in which citizens of the world are PARTICIPATING in this one. 

I remember watching the royal wedding in 1981 with my mom. But that was it. We watched in on television and it was over. Today, normal people watch it, report on it, analyze it and revel in it. We don’t just rely on the media to tell us about it. We tell each other about it. 

I love that!  

My hope, as someone who now works in digital media, is that more citizens of the world will begin to take part in interactive media. In my opinion, getting news from professional journalists will always be necessary. They bring us the meat and potatoes of the news events. But I can’t help but think all of us, add the flavor to the meal. Bloggers, Facebook and Twitter users add the appetizers, side dishes and dessert to the meal.

So back to why I got weird and weepy-eyed this morning. It surprised me that I teared up as I watched William recite his vows. I guess I thought about how we’ve all watched him grow up. I remember the announcement of his birth and seeing him hang in head at his mother’s funeral procession.

It’s nothing new that people around the world unite when they share joy and grief. It’s been that way for years. But what is so encouraging now is that through our use of social media, we can now express that joy and grief with each other. It’s an outlet which, I believe, unites us even more. Careful, I might start getting weepy again.

So if you find yourself still still reveling in the wedding: reading blogs, watching videos, and chatting with the man at the convenience store, you might want to consider joining us in blog world. Anybody can start a blog. It’s fun and easy and it’s great way to share your thoughts with the world.

You know how to reach me if you need help getting started. I’ll be the one weeping and rewinding my TiVO.