A “silver Bullet” Worth Thousands!

Often times when I’m visiting with two of my favorite Areavoices bloggers; Scott Brusven of the Fargo-Moorhead Community Theatre and Melissa Schmalenberger of MS Simplicity I find myself thinking I wish I could just bottle them both up and take them with me as I try to recruit new bloggers. Well, I can’t do that. Their families would miss them.

But I’ve done something close. I got them on camera telling us why they like Areavoices blogging. I’m so excited that they’re sharing their success with you. Scott calls Areavoices “a silver bullet” and Melissa says the exposure she’s gotten through Areavoices and other social media is worth thousands in free publicity. See their videos for yourself. They’re only a minute long.

We’ll have more testimonials to come and watch for Melissa and Scott on TV promos