Help Wanted: A Blogger To Write About Military Heroes

Photo courtesy: Omaha World Herald
Bill and Evonne Williams - Courtesy: Omaha World Herald

“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous” – Albert Einstein.

 That is one of my all time favorite quotations and something I think about today as we approach Memorial Day and I look back on the coincidence of meeting 2 modern-day heroes who spend their days honoring heroes.

 It happened a few years back while I was working on the Honor Flight project, an effort undertaken by WDAY to send area World War II veterans to the WWII Memorial in Washington DC free of charge. I had been working on the project for a few months when I got a call from a man named Bill Williams from Omaha, Nebraska. He said he and his wife Evonne were hoping to start an Honor Flight chapter down there. After visiting for a few minutes, I mentioned that my husband grew up just an hour outside of Omaha. When he asked where, I told him “Exira, Iowa.” But added that it’s a pretty small town and he had probably never heard of it. But not only had he heard of it, he used to live there as a kid when his dad was superintendent of schools. We knew some of the same people. In fact, one of his best friends was my husband’s gym teacher. Small world.

Turns out Bill and Evonne not only took our advice about how to do an Honor Flight project,  they soared with it. They raised 1.2 million dollars to send 1,500 Nebraska/Iowa WWII veterans to the memorial. But the Williams haven’t rested on that. These days they’ve formed Patriotic Productions to create and display “Remembering Our Fallen” a traveling photo exhibit honoring nearly 100 fallen Nebraska and Iowa soldiers. Read more about it in the Omaha-World Herald.

Reviewing what the Williams have done made me start thinking. Wouldn’t it be great to have an Areavoices blog where we honor fallen military heroes?  Each new post would tell the story of the soldier/sailor. It doesn’t have to be long. Just a photo and his/her story. Can any of you do that? It would be great! And the perfect way to honor our soldiers this Memorial Day and every day. Please let me know if anybody is interested in getting something like this set up. I’d be honored to help you!

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  1. Tracy Briggs

    Annette…No need to really apply. You can just set up your blog and give it a try. I agree with you that our fallen soldiers deserve all the recognition they can get. To learn more about blogging just read the FAQ’s on this blog page or go to to get set up. If you decide to give it a shot, let me know so I can read your blog and see about getting it featured in the paper.

  2. Tracy Briggs

    Odubs? I’ve never heard it called that. Now I can impress my inlaws in Western Iowa!

  3. Tracy Briggs

    What an excellent point! Obviously survivors have so many great stories to tell! You can blog about whatever you like: survivors stories, notable soldiers, remembering the fallen, whatever. I’d welcome them all. I urge you to give it a shot. Just let me know when you’ve started so I can see about getting it featured in our papers. Thanks!

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