Military blogs: an update

An update now on the post I wrote just before Memorial Day. I threw out a question, “Wouldn’t it be great for someone to write a blog to honor our fallen soldiers?”

I heard a resounding “YES” from some of you and even some suggestions on how to make it even better.

The consensus was that while stories of fallen soldiers would be a great way to honor our military heroes, a couple of you pointed out that we should include the survivor stories as well. Great idea! Why not tell the story of the man who lived in a POW camp for 2 years, but came back to Jamestown to work for the railroad for 40 years. What does he remember? What insight does he have?

So many stories to tell. And Areavoices is a good place to start. The platform is yours. Learn more about starting your blog at and after you start let me know so I can suggest our papers look it over.

And thanks once again to all of you who responded!

One thought on “Military blogs: an update

  1. Question to ask—pass around–
    WHY are there so many CONTRACTORS on bases thoughout…WHY are not the Military doing the jobs…sorry…WE use to when I was in services..even cleaning toilets and cooking and so on..all taken care of by recruits .. THINK som money can be saved..also..RENTACOPS at gates ????????????????????????????????????

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