Areavoices Digest #36 – What Is The Worst Movie Of All Time?

We all have our choices. For me, it was a movie called “The Sweetest Thing” starring Cameron Diaz. Normally, I really enjoy chick flicks and romantic comedies. But this is unworthy of being on the same DVD shelf as “When Harry met Sally” and “While You Were  Sleeping.” It’s awful. Period.

If you’re going with what IMDB rates as the worst movie ever  – hands down – the winner (or loser depending upon how you look at it) is: “From Justin to Kelly” from 2003. It rated 1.7 out of 10 stars. You might remember this one. It paired American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson with runner-up Justin Guarini in a romantic beach romp. One reviewer wrote: “It is inconcievable to me that anyone could make a film this hopelessly, endlessly, mind-meltingly bad. This is not a bad movie – it’s a war crime.”

If you love bad movies or just want to get in on the debate you’ll want to check out one of this week’s recommended blogs. The other four are pretty great too. Enjoy!

The Film Fool – Jon Thorp writes of himself, “Jon is just a guy who likes movies…and used to have a rockin’ mullet. That’s about it.” He’s using this blog to celebrate the really awful movies out there. 

The Book Bag –
The author says “The Book Bag will attempt to read and review books of local interest and written by folks in the greater Red River Valley. I can’t guarantee I’ll get to everything, but I’ll be honest.”
A Nice Ring to it – Kaitlyn Ring is a college student from Williston, North Dakota currently attending UND. She’s a great writer who covers a lot on her blog. I laughed out loud when I read her posts which range from comical/practical advice she got from her father to crazy memories from Medora vacations to how she’s convinced she has cankles. It’s a fun, young blog that I think a lot of younger readers will especially enjoy.
Through the Eyes of a Cobber –  This is another blog written by a college student. Geneva attends Concordia College in Moorhead. She’s also the author of “Social Media Etiquette” on Areavoices (  I think both her blogs are worth a look. Again, appeals to a younger audience.
And since I’m on the subject of young bloggers/audience, I’ll remind you again about Becoming Midwestern – I recommended this blog a couple of weeks ago. But I’ve noticed a lot of comments/traffic on her site already. She’s a transplanted East and West Coast girl who now lives in ND. She’s embracing her Midwestness by writing about her life. She’s tweaked her blog to include a Midwest Dictionary (“UFF-DA”) and Midwest Recipes (Hotdishes).