How Google Is Helping Me Mine For Gold

Awhile back my daughter was assigned to draw a picture of her parents at work. She drew a picture of my husband in front of a chalkboard with the words, “My dad teaches chemistry at a college.” For my picture, she drew me sitting behind my desk working on my computer with the words: “My mom is a director-type person at a newspaper.”

I’ve come to realize she, along with most of my friends and family, don’t understand what it means to be a digital content development director. It’s much easier to say I’m a “director-type person.”

The fact is my job is to find interesting, relevant, entertaining community content for the 36 Forum Communications news websites across the Dakotas, Minnesota and Wisconsin. I do this by promoting our blog platform, Areavoices. I love my job, mostly because there is so much GOOD content out there. I’m amazed at the quality of writing by our Areavoices bloggers. But with the good comes the bad. And by bad I mean content that is more like spam. That useless information that comes up when you type a keyword into your search engine. That’s why I’m glad to see what Google is up to. They’ve found a way to combat these content farms. I urge you to read this blog post by Sundog, an areavoices marketing and technology blog. (See what I mean about our great content on Areavoices?)

Anyway, from someone who spends her “director-type” person days trying to cultivate quality content, I applaud Google for their actions and Sundog for telling us about it!

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  1. Tracy, it’s great if Google can help filter-out spam-blogs (Splogs) in Google search results. As, I think was mentioned here, and/or on Support.AV; many splogs get created, and, quickly spew mutiple posts via spam-bots. Trying to sell merchandise, and; raise their Gooogle rankings. AreaVoices servers probably strain from the load, I feel sorry for AV. Especially, late at night, witness the splogs flowing at

    As you originally published on this post, your link to Sundog only pointed to their main site, here’s the full URL:

    Also, @leetwice‘s avatar is huge here (on Firefox browser), I can’t figure out the CSS, or whatever the problem. Perhaps your SysAdmins can look into it. @JonGeorge has experienced similar on his blog.

    Thanks, @LibrarySense

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