Sometimes I Listen To Myself

I guess it’s better than talking to myself.  I recently wrote a blog post on what to do with your blog while on vacation. I offered 5 tips from leaving it altogether to posting in advance to finding some guest bloggers. I’ve decided to take my own advice. I’m gunna git’ me some guest bloggers.

The fact is Areavoices continues to astound me with it’s success. We’ve gone from a couple hundred featured blogs last year to nearly 600 hundred this week, from 100,000 people viewing each month to 250,000 people viewing this month. That’s according to Quantcast. That’s pretty amazing. The main factor behind the success is simple: the bloggers. They are providing interesting, relevant, entertaining content that people want to read. I’ve learned so much from them since starting this job back in September. Now I want to share this with you (and they were nice enough to agree).

So over the next few weeks, I’m going to provide space on this blog to some guest bloggers. I selected a handful of bloggers who continue to be among the most popular on the Areavoices platform. All of them are continually in the top ten most read blogs attracting thousands of readers every month. They write on varied topics from sports to spaghetti.

I told them they could write about whatever they’d like to write about. But I hope they’ll provide us with a little insight into what makes their blogs so popular. Tips like: what to write about, how to make a story pop, how to use pictures and video, what they like most and least about blogging, how do they work with Facebook and Twitter and what they might do differently if they started their blog today.

Let me know what else you’d like to  learn from them. And also, let me know if there is an Areavoices blogger you’d most like to hear from. If I tell them they were specially requested from you guys, they might feel the love and know they can’t say “no” to writing a guest post.