Areavoices Digest #38: P-P-P-Penny Keep Posting That Blog!

If you’ve had children anytime after 1990 or so, you undoubtedly know what my headline means. If you haven’t you probably think I’m weird.  You might think that regardless. But let me explain.

Young children in the upper Midwest are nuts for “Penny and Pals.” Penny and her Pals travel around our region entertaining and educating children through her music. My kids went bonkers for her when they were in preschool. Now you’d think I would have gotten sick of those tunes we had to play over and over again in the mini van. But Penny’s songs never did get old.

I’m not going to say people didn’t look at me funny when, one day, I kept singing  “Uncle Underwood’s Unbelievable Ugly Underwear” at work. What was I going to do? It was stuck in my head. Even so, I wasn’t tired of the tunes. (Today’s headline is in reference to Penny’s friend Bernie and his need to keep bouncing “that ball.” Look it up on Penny’s website. )

Penny’s popularity with the under 8 set makes me all the more excited that she’s joined us on Areavoices. Penny’s blog is just the first of the blogs I’m recommending in this week’s digest. And remember: “R-R-R-Readers, keep reading these blogs!” Okay, that was going too far. I apologize. Nonetheless these are some great blogs!

Penny and Pals:
 Children’s entertainer Penny Andrist shares info, news and photos from her appearances around MN, ND, and SD. 

Gooseberry Park Players
A blog written for the Gooseberry Park musical theatre troupe for youth in Moorhead, Minnesota. Fargo-Moorhead Properties.
A Minnesotan in China – Learning about the world, learning about ourselves:
Brandon Ferdig  was raised in Blackduck, MN, spent 10 years in the Twin Cities, and now lives in Zhuhai, China. This blog shares his travel experiences.  
Move that body:
A blog designed to highlight the excitement and hilarity that goes along with an active life. This blog has a nice look to it. Very sharp. 
Roving Reporter:
Roving Reporter is written by Eric Ludy, a native of Turtle Lake, Wisconsin and former Minnesota newspaper journalist. After getting laid off Eric decided take off and do something he’s always wanted go outside his comfort zone. Specifically he’s now working from Lima, Peru. He says, “I’ll use this blog to document the journey, from brushing up on Spanish at home to (hopefully) hiking the Inca Trail on my way to Machu Pichu. Expect tons of pictures, stories of people and places, and lots of lengthy descriptions of food.”

It’s My Opinion:
James Bushey is a Minnesotan who writes a little bit of everything. He focuses on pop culture, entertainment and “funny, and cute postings just in-case someone is having a bad day. He says, “The goal of my blog is to show my opinion on things without being mean.”

Fugitive Focus:
A weekly profile in The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead featuring the most wanted criminal offenders in the Red River Valley.