Does blogging make you happier?

Carolyn Baana’s blog is one of my favorites. It’s succinct and full of usable information to better your life. Understandable, I guess considering what Carolyn does for a living. She’s spent the last few years as a career coach helping people achieve their career and life goals. Luckily for us, she shares her expertise on Areavoices at

I like her attitude about blogging so much, I asked her to write a guest blog about what she’s enjoyed about writing her blog and why she makes it a priority.

Thanks Carolyn!



A few years ago I spent several weeks working my way through The Artist’s Way with a group of talented and ambitious women.  For those who haven’t heard of the book, it’s about finding and expressing creativity.  As I went through the process, I felt as if I was never going to find a true creative outlet, being that my artistic side pretty much consists of me purchasing art, never creating it!


Enter blogging.  As I wrote my first posts and sent them to friends, one of my Artist Way cohorts replied back, “Carolyn, these are your Morning Pages!” …referring to a daily process of journaling three pages in long-hand each morning (augh!).  Blogging is so much easier!


After consulting with a few bloggers, I decided to write every weekday but to keep my posts under 500 words (most are about 250-300).  I also had an epiphany on my format while on the treadmill one day – such an odd occurrence that it must have made my brain’s creative juices splash around.  I then, as my first post indicated, made my mark and began blogging.


Here are some surprises:


  1. I’ve really enjoyed it!  Since I began blogging I’ve learned that a side-benefit of blogging is that it makes the blogger happier.  Similar to journaling, only better.
  2. Blogging makes me think about things a little differently.  I’m always seeking “lessons” that I can incorporate into my posts from daily life.
  3. I seek to learn so I can share.  I’ve sought out books, articles and blogs that I wouldn’t have otherwise found – in search of information to support my posts.
  4. It’s delightful to run into friends and acquaintances that share how they enjoyed a particular post or topic.


It can be work, but a post always comes forward when I sit down in front of the keyboard.  Thinking about starting up a blog?  I encourage you to make the mark and begin.

2 thoughts on “Does blogging make you happier?

  1. Great list! I agree 100 percent with what Carolyn said. It is cathartic to get your thoughts out there. And the fact that it is available to the public makes makes an idea more carefully thought out. In researching, I learn more also. It always feels great to hit that publish button! My kids like reading about themselves too. (Most of the time!)

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