Living With Water: Your Thoughts And Experiences Wanted.

It was almost hard to believe. Last month while we visited my husband’s parents in Iowa, we ran into an old neighbor of theirs who has since moved to Texas. He and his wife moved there to be closer to her parents and start farming down there. What they have found is incredible hardship. As you’ve no doubt seen on the news, Texas is suffering it’s worst dry spell since the 1950’s.

It was hard for us to imagine as we are coming off a third year in a row of fighting back the Red River from our Minnesota home. We’ve also watched as friends and relatives battle heartbreaking flooding in Minot, North Dakota.

The truth is: the water is in charge. Whether you live in Texas or North Dakota. It’s up to us to live with it. That’s why I’m excited to tell you about a new  project being undertaken by Forum Communications Company.

We’ve launched a company-wide reporting project designed to build understanding about water and its impact on our lives across the region, including ways that our uses of water impact other regions, and how their uses impact us.

Our reporters, photographers and editors will be sharing their stories in print, online, and over the air, but the first part involves you!

As part of the first phase of the project we’ve created an interactive website at, where you can participate in the project and share with our reporting staff your thoughts, feelings and experiences with water.

We’ll post our work as it progresses, but you are the most important part of this site. Please post your stories, questions, ideas and opinions. We’re also interested in documents pertaining to water. We’d like to hear family stories about drought and other issues arising from lack of water.  And we hope you’ll share your experiences of flooding. Finally, it would be fantastic if you’d share your thoughts about living by a lake, canoeing a prairie stream or getting soaked in a sudden rainstorm – anything that involves Living with Water. Please visit


We know you have stories to tell. We’ve heard you tell them over the years. We’ve interviewed you, we’ve read your letters and we’ve taken your pictures. Now, we’re asking you to do it again. Participate. Share your stories for future generations to understand what it was like for us to live with water.