Areavoices Digest #44 – Share Your September 11th Stories

Chances are if you were over the age of 7 on September 11, 2001 you can recall in great detail where you were when you heard the news that America was under attack. It’s a news event much like the assassination of President Kennedy or the bombing of Pearl Harbor. It will not be forgotten by those who lived through it. Those stories are cathartic for some; sharing a common tragedy bonds us together and perhaps helps us grieve even 10 years later.

That’s part of the reason behind one of our recommended blogs of the week. Remembering 9/11 is an attempt to share stories of that tragic day. We invite you to participate. Check it out along with our other blogs of the week.

Remembering 9/11: Your stories and reflections 10 years after a day that changed us
Forum Communications has set up this blog as a forum to allow readers, viewers and listeners throughout North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin the opportunity to share their thoughts on the 10th anniversary of the attack on America.

Ross and Dr. Dan:A Tale of Two Centuries
A clever blog written by North Dakota State University Professor Ross Collins. As himself, Collins writes about current events and assorted topics. As the persona of Dr. Dan, Collins writes as an historian from the next century looking back on our life today. This is a fun, yet thought-provoking blog.

No Cows No Pigs No Problems
Susie Ekberg Risher is an accomplished writer who decided to give up red meat and pork products to see if she would feel spiritually lightened. This blog documents her fascinating journey of discovery.

Talkin Vikings
A blog written by self-proclaimed “rabid” Minnesota Vikings fan Jason Schufletowski.

Love Those Pants
Beth Olson unabashedly admits to liking football at first because of the pants. But she says she and her girlfriends have turned into serious fans.