Areavoices Digest #47 – Do You Eat Dinner With Your Family?

It’s something we used to see on “Leave it to Beaver.” June Cleaver clad in heels and pearls serving a meat and potatoes dinner around the table. Wally and Beaver shared details from their day. (I don’t remember what Beave said about this black eye incident pictured to the left.)  Most dinners with the Cleavers weren’t that dramatic except maybe if Eddie Haskell was involved. Family dinners were just the thing you did back then. Heck even the Bradys gathered around their ginormous table presumably to talk about trips to Hawaii or the Grand Canyon.

But the fact is now many American families don’t take the time to sit down together. We’re rushing off to soccer practice, hockey practice or play rehearsal. We’re over-scheduled and overwraught.

One of our featured blogs of the week takes a second look at dining together and give tips on how you could make it work. It’s just the first of five great Areavoices blogs you might want to check out. Enjoy!
Time at the Table
Study after study show the benefits of having families eat dinner together at least a few times a week. This blog looks at strategies for
making it happen in today’s over-scheduled world.

Go behind and beyond the scenes as WDAY-TV news photographers share natural HD videos from around the region. This is the video you might not get
to see on the news. But it’s definitely worth the look.

Prairie Business
A business resource for the northern plains. I think this has widespread appeal throughout our region.

Roger Maris – 50th of 61
A blog chronicling New York Yankee and Fargo native Roger Maris’ record breaking season. The Forum started this blog at the beginning of this
baseball season. But I’m mentioning it again now because the 50th anniversary of that 61st hit is coming up soon. (October 1st).

Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity
LAHFH partners with volunteers to help build simple, decent and affordable housing for low-income families in Cass/Clay counties.