An Easier Way To Share Your Flood Stories

You might have heard about our new project at Forum Communications. It’s called “Living with Water.” Over the next several months our reporters, photographers and editors will be taking a close up look at water in our region, from coping with too much to too little and examining how we manage it and how we can ensure a safe supply now and into the future.

You are an important part of the project.

We’re asking for people in the community to share their stories about how water has affected their lives. Some of you have already contacted me about how to contribute. Now we’re making it even easier.

If you have photos, videos or stories about anything from flood fighting to lake recreation we’d love to include it on our website at

There are two ways you can participate.

1. You can start your own blog and let me know about it so we can feature on the site. A blog is perfect for someone who has a lot to say, several stories to share or has a particular theme on which they like to write. Please look through the information on this blog to learn more about starting a blog. You’ll find tutorials, FAQ’s and do’s and don’ts right on the home page.

2. If you have just a few stories to share your best bet is to email me at I can copy and paste them into the website.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask.