A Better Way To Share

Maybe it’s my desire not to be left out of the fun. If nothing else it’s a reminder to anyone who blogs on Areavoices that your blog is worth sharing. And now we’re making it easier for you to share your posts.

You’ve seen people use social media icons on their email signature lines or on their websites. It’s a good way to steer readers to your posts, tweets, videos etc.

But what about your Areavoices blog?

A few of you have asked about placing an icon on your website. Some of you have done that with our logo. But now we have an updated icon that I think is just as darn spiffy as those other guys.

If you’d like to place an Areavoices icon on your website or in your email just click on the icon to the right and “Save As.”  From there you should easily be able to add and link from that icon.

Questions? Just let me know.

Have a great weekend!