More outdoors news coming on Areavoices – Areavoices Digest #49

For those of you craving more hunting, fishing, and camping news, we’ve got it on Areavoices. Brad Dokken of The Grand Forks Herald is supplementing his outdoors coverage from the paper with a blog. He hopes it will provide space for outdoors news that might not otherwise make it into the Sunday paper or is better suited to the timeliness of the blog.

It’s just the first  in this week’s recommended blogs. Enjoy!

Compass Points
Brad Dokken has been an outdoor writer for The Grand Forks (N.D.) Herald since February 1998. This blog will provide hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor information.

The Hawthorne Neighborhood Blog
Hawthorne is a beautiful old tree-line neighborhood in South Fargo. This blog shares news and happenings with its residents.

Volunteer Bemidji!
Your link to community stewardship in the Bemidji, Minnesota region

Not So Vintage Packers
Sara Boom is new to blogging. But as a Packer lover she has a lot to write about in what’s been a very successful season for the boys from Green Bay.

The Book Shelf
Sherry Pekas is also new to the blogging world, but is anxious to get rolling in her first book blog. Stay tuned for reviews, recommendations and more.

One thought on “More outdoors news coming on Areavoices – Areavoices Digest #49

  1. It will be great as long as we do not have to keep listening about some bear with a name. I swear this country is going to turn into france with its mamby pamby state.

    The stay puff marshmallow man will put out a PSA that he is going to attack the country and we will panic and run. The rest will stand by and try and hug him while he suffocates them. I will, however stand ground and eat smores.

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