Areavoices Digest #50 – Our Most Popular Blogger And More!

In this week’s digest of recommended blogs, I wanted to highlight a couple of old favorites and three newbies. Enjoy!

Celestial happenings you can see from your own backyard. I realize many of you are already reading this blog from Bob King of the Duluth News Tribune. But I thought I’d remind you about him just in case.He is consistently the #1 blog on Areavoices (excluding the Topics blog). His blog is well written, visual, and interesting. 41,000 people around the world read it. It’s really a great blog!


Confessions of a [Former] Fatgirl
The emotional rollercoaster of losing – and – gaining weight over and over again. I really love this blog written by Celeste Beam. She writes about what so many of us live. The ups and downs of trying to live a healthy lifestyle. She gives us a weekly healthy recipe, but she also writes very honest, inspirational and sometimes funny posts about falling off the wagon. For example, she writes one morning about how she replaced her yogurt and fruit breakfast with 2 cupcakes and tortilla chips. But then she reminds us not to give up and shows us how to get back on track. Great information!


A Pinch of This
Home-created meals and ideas to fit anyone’s budget. This stay at home mom says she’s not a chef, but she wants to chronicle how she manages to put food on the table for her family every night.


Cobbers on the Brain
Neurochemistry students at Concordia College (Moorhead, MN) break down technical information on brain science so the average reader can understand it. I love this idea. A chemistry professor at Concordia College wanted to teach her students, some of whom will go onto medical school, how to communicate complicated medical information to the average person. This blog is their effort in doing this. I hope it leads to some future doctors with great communication skills!


The Armchair Kicker
Mark Walters describes his blog as “The Best Minnesota Vikings Blog” in the Western Hemisphere.