The Top Five Things To Learn From Our #1 Blogger

The other day I was looking through Areavoices Quantcast data because, well, you know that’s what all the cool people do. Actually, while it sounds a little dull, I find it fascinating. Quantcast breaks down how many people are reading each of our Areavoices blogs.

Almost every month the same guy is at the top of list. His name is Bob King and he’s a photographer for the Duluth News Tribune. But he’s not blogging about that. He blogs about his hobby: Astronomy.

His blog, Astrobob is the number one blog on Areavoices (I’m excluding the Topics blog here because that blog is not really a written blog, but a discussion center for the day’s top news stories).

About 27,000 people across the country read Astrobob every month. That’s double the audience of the second place blog, Bisonmedia. The gaps widens even more when you include the global audience. That puts Bob up to about 41,000 people a month.

I mention this now for a few reasons. I think bloggers and would-be bloggers can learn a lot from him.

First, I think Bob is a good lesson in writing about what you love. As a rule, food blogs and sports blogs will tend to have a higher audience, but this is evidence that if you write something well your audience will find you. You might think nobody cares about what you care about. You wouldn’t have an audience. Wrong. There’s a niche for everyone. Write your passion: find your followers!

Second, he’s consistent. He writes often. His readers know that they won’t go weeks without hearing from him.

Third, it’s visual. Not surprising from a photographer, but Bob includes stunning photography and impressive graphics in his blog.

Fourth, he breaks down sometimes scientific information in a reader-friendly format.

Fifth, don’t always look for the newest blogs to get your Areavoices fix. Sometimes the oldies are the goodies. Bob has been blogging for years and he’s great at it! Check him out! What are you waiting for for heaven’s sake!

Get it? “For heaven’s sake?” An astronomy blog? I’m punning you and it’s only 7:00am. This is going to be a great day!

Check out Bob and the other recommended blogs of the week in a post later today.