A Childhood Passion Continues To Thrive For “The Bridgehunter”

Growing up in the 1970’s, I remember a little boy I knew who was completely obsessed with the Minnesota Vikings. It was easy to be back in the days of “The Purple People Eaters” and Fran Tarkenton. I can still remember this little boy, probably only 3 years old at the time, reciting the names of the player after his dad called out a number:44, 70, 81.

He would reply in his little voice: “Chuck Foreman, Jim Marshall, and Carl Eller.”

Lots of people develop life long passions as kids. For some it’s The Minnesota Vikings, for one man it’s historic bridges.

Jason Smith writes “The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles” for Areavoices. His interest in historic bridges goes as far back as his days in elementary school in his hometown of Jackson, Minnesota  where numerous vintage metal bridges had existed during his days. As they started dwindling rapidly, he started photographing and documenting them so that the public would know more about the bridges both past and present.

His love of bridges is as strong as ever as you can see on his impressive blog. And this month he’s doing something a little different. This month is National Historic Bridge Month and he’s planning a couple of contests for readers dealing with historic bridges. They include awards for bridge engineering and preservation and awards in bridge photography. You can read more about the contests by clicking on the link to his blog. The contests are listed as #3 and #4 on his most recent blog post.

Help him honor those people with a passion for history.