Soon To Come: Answering Some Of Your Questions

As we get ready to wrap up 2011, my mind is turned to one thing. Okay, maybe two. I keep thinking I should try to make some batches of peanut blossom cookies to win the favor of my in-laws.

But mostly, I’m thinking of one thing: The fantastic year we’ve had on Areavoices!

Over the past year, our number of featured bloggers on Areavoices has grown from about 250 to about 700. That’s also resulted in growth in the number of people reading Areavoices blogs.

In January of 2011, about 207,000 people a month were clicking on Areavoices sites. This past month, approximately 260,000 people a month were reading Areavoices blogs.

That’s a lot of great content out there that you might not have had access to just one year ago. Content about travel, health, money, family, food and more!

If you’d like to start a blog your audience is ready for you. Just send me an email at and I can help you get started. You can also find all kinds of tutorials on this blog. One that actually takes you through how to set up your blog. It’s fun and easy. Okay, enough of the sales pitch (actually, it’s not really a sales pitch since it’s FREE to set up and run your blog).

The purpose of this blog post is not just to celebrate our growth this year. I wanted to highlight what I’m hearing from our bloggers: specifically the questions I get asked pretty frequently.You’ll find most of my FAQ’s on a separate page of this blog. But in the upcoming days, I’ll highlight some questions in greater detail.

First up: How do you generate more comments on your blog?