Areavoices Digest #57 – Check These Blogs Before You Finish Your Christmas Shopping

Can you guess how many iPads will be sold this holiday season? According the the technology research firm Gartner about 63.4 million media tablets will be sold in the last three months of this year, about 3/4 of them are iPads.

We don’t have iPads on our Christmas lists this year, but my kids have asked for a Nintendo 3DS (isn’t her other DS okay?), laptops, phones, and more. Whatever happened to asking for a Barbie? My kids might be disappointed in a few days.

Our Christmas’ are undoubtedly getting more tech-saturated. It’s hard to sort what you need to know from what isn’t important.

That’s why I’m happy to recommend a couple of great tech blogs this week. They offer news, information, advice and analysis for those of us trying to keep up. But, if you need advice on how to set up a Barbie Dream House, I’m your woman.
Grand Forks Gourmet
Your guide to food and dining in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

The Connected Wire
News, reviews and analysis from the world of technology

A unique blog in which readers can build upon the story being published

Literary Engineer
Suzi Retzlaff is a part-time writer, occasional engineer and stay at home mom who blogs
about her two obsessions: reading and writing.

The latest news and analysis from Sundog: a Fargo-based marketing and technology services company.