A Victim Of Our Own Success

Okay, maybe that headline is a bit of a cliche’ but in this case it’s true.

I wanted to provide an explanation to you regarding some changes you’re seeing on Areavoices. Thanks to those of you who have sent me emails wondering what’s going on.

First, to say it in hockey terms, I’m happy to tell you the Areavoices directory is skating at full strength again. Sometime, late last week a majority of blogs on the directory vanished. Poof! We’re not sure what happened. They took an early spring break or the last train to Clarksville? Not sure. But we realize their absence made it harder to find hundreds of our blogs. We’re so sorry for the inconvenience. But our crack staff of developers got to the bottom of the problem and now all of the blogs are back where they should be and they’ve been punished accordingly.

Second, (and this is where the victim of our own success thing comes up) I’ve received some emails from those of you concerned about the loss of the Areavoices activity feed. That is the feed in which you can see the latest blog posts from your friends and from others in the Areavoices community. It was a nice way to quickly see what other bloggers are writing about. Unfortunately, with the massive growth of Areavoices in the last year (more than tripling our traffic) the traffic on the activity feed was slowing down our server which in turn was slowing down our 36 news websites across the Dakotas, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Also, the number of spammers coming on the site has grown and that’s slowing things down a bit as well. Our resources were stretched trying to manage the activity feed and the news websites. That being our dilemma, we chose to keep our news sites running quickly and to suspend the activity feed until we can figure out how to manage it more effectively. We’re sorry for those of you who were active users.

Just remember you can still find other bloggers activity by clicking on their blogs found in the directory or just by going directly to their blog address. You can also find many of them on the news sites in which they’re featured and by accessing our blog roll at http://areavoices.com/blogs. That site shows you the most recent posters on Areavoices.

The good news is, that crack staff of developers who fixed the directory problem is now working on solving the activity feed problem. I tried to take a picture showing them hard at work, but they ran away from me. Trust me, they are working hard.

In the meantime, thanks for your input and emails. I’m so sorry for the problems and appreciate your patience as we go through our growing pains.