Areavoices Upgrade Coming: Why It’s Better For You

Really. I promise.  This is good stuff. Starting sometime next week you’re going to be seeing a new and improved Areavoices homepage. The crew here at Forum Communications Interactive Division is hard at word on a theme and software update for Areavoices.

It’s going to do a couple of things:

1) It’s going to make it easier to find featured blogs. Instead of just listing all of the featured blogs, it’s going to compile a few of the most active blogs into a square grid-like pattern (I’m sure the tech geniuses here are cringing at my lingo.) Think about the open of The Brady Bunch. It’s a little like that. Each square will contain the most up to date blog from our highly active featured list. We’ll still keep our traditional directory list as well. You should be able to find all featured Areavoices blogs on this directory and many of them in the grid-like part of the page. Again, a featured blog is one that is featured in at least one of our FCC-owned news websites.

2) It will enable a greater search of blogs. The new search function will allow you to type in a keyword which in turn will bring up any Areavoices blog that used that word. It should help you narrow down and find blogs that might interest you.

The upgrade also provides security enhancement.

So what do you need to know now?

Not much really.

Just know that sometime next week, we’ll have to take down the Areavoices site for a couple of hours. It’ll probably happen in the middle of the night, so it shouldn’t affect many of you – unless you’re an insomniac who writes blogs in the wee small hours of the morning.

I’ll keep you posted on when the update will be coming.

Also, next week I’ll tell you more about how to put a featured image into your blog dashboard. These featured images will be suggested for blogs that will be appearing in the new grid layout.

If you  have any questions. Just let me know.