Areavoices Bloggers: The World Is Taking Notice!

Congratulations Areavoices bloggers! You’re attracting a lot of attention!

According to data from Quantcast, more than 300,000 people around the world are reading Areavoices blogs every month. Our audience extends from the United States and Canada all the way to The Netherlands, Australia, India, The Russian Federation and more.

If you click on the Quantcast link, you can see the blogs are gaining about 100,000 new readers every year. (100,000 in January 2010, 200,000 in January 2011).

What’s the reason? Well it helps that many Areavoices blogs are featured on the 36 news websites of Forum Communications from Minnesota to Wisconsin to North and South Dakota. If you write a blog and you’d like to see it featured on our news websites please send me an email at Make sure to include your blog address so I can check it out.

But the bottom line for Areavoices popularity is simple: Great content.

Areavoices bloggers are writing about hundreds of topics. Just go to our directory to see the wide range of subject matter. You can guess what some of the most popular topic areas are.

Okay, I’ll give you a few seconds to think about it.

(Play Jeopardy music here)

That’s enough. Our most popular topic areas are sports, arts and entertainment and food. Makes sense right? People love their football, movies and grub.

But people are often surprised to know that our most popular individual blogger is Bob King or Astrobob. His blog about astronomy attracts between 30 and 40,000 readers every month. So it just goes to show you there’s an audience for everything. If you want to write about it, someone will want to read about it.

So I’ll say it again, if you’d like to blog on Areavoices, just shoot me an email or better yet look at the tutorials and FAQ’s on this blog. Learn how easy it is to start your blog at .

And congrats to all of you Areavoices bloggers who are building an audience around the world!