The “Brady Bunch Update” Is Scheduled

You might have read in this blog last week that some updates are being made to Areavoices.

In a nutshell, Areavoices users will see security enhancements and the implementation of a search function, which will enable readers to more easily find information.

But the biggest change is what you’ll now be seeing on the homepage of Right now if you go to  you see a list of our featured Areavoices blogs. But after the update, you’ll see some featured blogs displayed in a square, grid-like pattern. I’ve referred to it as a Brady Bunch kind of look (you know what I mean, right? Kind of like the open to the beloved ’70’s show where the faces of the main characters were displayed in boxes, one atop the other. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I insist you spend some quality time on Nick at Night.)

I was happy to hear today that the developers working on this update have actually adopted my Brady Bunch reference, calling this “The Brady Bunch Upgrade.” (It’s nice to feel like I’ve made a difference in the world.)

To make this happen, the crew here at FCC interactive will have to take the site down for awhile. And it’s happening TONIGHT.

The upgrade is scheduled to start at 11:59pm tonight. It shouldn’t take too much time. But it will mean you will not be about to go on for about 2-3 hours. We should be up and running again by early morning.

I will tell you the list of featured blogs will remain under the directory tab. Not all of the featured blogs will appear in the new “Brady Bunch” squares. To start we’ll be displaying the most active/popular 40 or so blogs in the squares. That’s just a nice place to start. I will be adding new blogs to the squares in the future. If you’d like to make sure your blog is featured in the square layout, just shoot me an email at

But again, all of your blogs will still be found on the directory the way they are now.

Because some of the blogs will now be displayed in a square, I would like to ask some of you to add a featured image to each post. It’s really easy to do. I will do a video tutorial of how to do it, later this week after you get a chance to see the new design. Adding the featured image is entirely optional, but will make your blog stand out a bit more.

So again, the update starts at 11:59pm tonight. will be down for a couple of hours. Might be a good chance to catch up on some Brady Bunch reruns.