Areavoices Digest #62 – What Exactly Is “Geek Culture” Anyway?

Would you describe yourself as a “geekette?”

Well, that’s how Kari Lucin describes herself. This Areavoices blogger says she loves “Dungeons and Dragons,” science fiction and playing video games. She writes about all of her loves in her blog “Oh look! A Shiny Thing!” The blog is both well-written and very funny. Step into Kari’s world for a minute. She claims you don’t even need to be a geek.

It’s just the first in this week’s recommended blogs.
Oh Look! A Shiny Thing
The author, a self-described geekette, hopes to bring a bit of geek culture to the rest of the world.

Middle Aged Plague
Modern life’s oddities and ends.

The Dirt
The real dirt on gardening (and a little cooking too) from Master Gardener Sandra Paulson.

In the Black
It’s not what you earn, it’s what you spend.

The Farm Bleat
Tales of a country girl from Southwest Minnesota.