Areavoices Digest #67 – More Than Just Marilyn Hagerty

That title you see above is my cheap ploy to get you to click on my blog. I’m not beneath trickery. But the fact is: Marilyn Hagerty is hot. Stories about her and now her Areavoices blog are generating huge traffic from around the world for this website and many more. I love it! Not just because of my position as Areavoices cheerleader, but because Marilyn seems like a wonderful woman who deserves all the attention and accolades she’s getting. I’m just wishing I could have been the one to accompany her to New York City, instead of my co-worker Ryan Babb. Anyway, I told him to say “hi” to Anderson Cooper for me.

That being said, my point is this. I wanted to let you know Marilyn Hagerty isn’t the only  hot commodity on Areavoices. Check out this week’s group of new and recommended blogs. Enjoy!
Financial Planning: Information and Resources
Paul Jarvis specializes is a Certified Financial Planner who helps clients accumulate, grow, protect and distribute wealth through comprehensive financial plans tailored to their needs and goals.

Across and Abroad with Devin
Devin Berglund is from Twin Valley, Minnesota. She’ll blog about her adventures living in Australia.

2 Wheeler
Gary Miller of The West Central Tribune in Willmar, Minnesota blogs about all things bicycling, including stories and pictures from his national and international bicycling trips.

Levi’s Catching Radius
Levi Weber writes about Minnesota sports and entertainment

Rep. Dean Urdahl
Rep. Urdahl is in his fifth term serving House District 18B of Minnesota which spans most of Meeker County and the western portion of Wright.