Areavoices Digest #72 – Spinach Bacon Mac And Cheese And Black Russian Cake

I enjoy writing my little blog on the Areavoices community. I really do. I love sharing news of the latest and greatest blogs on the platform. But deep down, I think I’m a frustrated food blogger.

As evidenced by my consumption this week of a great food blog called Lagniappe. (See link below). It’s written by Beth Rickers of Worthington, Minnesota.  I was attracted by a recent post in which Beth describes a pretty decadent meal that starts with Spinach Bacon Mac and Cheese and ends with Black Russian Cake. Hello! The diet can take a break for a day.

Beth is consistent with her recipes and she’s a great writer. It must be so much fun to write about so much deliciousness. Lagniappe is just one of our recommended blogs of the week.

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Red River Convoy of Hope
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their “one-day blitz” on June 30th to help thousands in need.

Lagniappe means “something a little extra.” That’s just what you get in this food related
blog out of Worthington, Minnesota. Lots of yummy recipes!

Purple Politics
The thoughts of a blue state girl surrounded by red.

Living Empowered
A Soul Sisters blog with advice on how to “Tap into your power, realize your potential, and achieve your dreams.”