Areavoices Digest #77 – I Love This Idea For A Family Summer Vacation!

Every year, families all over America start thinking about it (if they haven’t been dreaming about it since January). What are we going to do for summer vacation? We spend thousands flying (and with high gas prices driving too) to all kinds of summer hot spots.

But how many of us explore our own backyards? I’m not really talking about a “Staycation.” That implies you’re staying in your own home or city. What I’m talking about is touring your own state. Looking around at what’s just a few hundred miles away and seeing what outstate tourists see.

I think about this when I’ve traveled to the Washington D.C. area to visit my relatives and do some sightseeing. Often, after telling my aunts and uncles, who live in suburban Washington, that I’m going to check out one tourist spot or another in DC, they’ll say, “We haven’t even seen that yet.”

Many of us don’t bother looking at what’s close at hand.

Well, that’s what native North Dakotan Sarah Nasello and her family are doing. They’re taking the time this summer to immerse themselves in all things North Dakota. So not only will they see the tourist hotspots they’ll check those off the wall places as well,  Meet the people and walk down the mainstreets. She’ll be documenting all of it in her Areavoices blog.

It should be a lot of fun. Check out her blog and the other recommended blogs of the week.

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