Areavoices Digest #78 – Now This Might Make My Garden Grow

We all must admit our shortcomings.

For example, I am not good at basketball, geometry or abstaining from chocolate.

I am also a really bad gardener. The picture you see to the left is not taken from my garden, but it might as well have been. After years of blaming my pathetic little plants on deer, rabbits and weed infestation,  I finally admitted it –  I’m just green-thumb challenged.

But there is help. Areavoices is home to several bloggers who aren’t green thumb challenged and who share their wisdome through every post.They’ll take you through how to successfully garden without wanting to pull your hair out or shoot those rabbits.

Check out their blogs in this week’s digest along with a brand new counseling blog.
The Dirt
The real dirt on gardening from  master gardener Sandi Paulson from Moorhead, Minnesota.

East of Weedin’
Emily Zimmer loves to cook and garden. In her blog she shares her successes and failures at both.

Garden Talk
The official blog of the Master Gardener Program of Dakota County, Minnesota.

Life in the Slow Lane
A gardening and canning blog. The blogger writes: “If it can be dried, frozen, canned or jellied, I’m on it!”

Collaborative Counseling with Naomi Doriott
This blog is intended to provide information and resources to inspire you to make improvements in yourself and and your life.