Does Father Know Best, Least, Or Last?

We’ve all been raised to believe the former. At least those of us who grew up watching black and white reruns on TBS. We watched as Ward Cleaver told Wally not to always listen to Eddie Haskell (has there ever been a better TV character than Eddie Haskell?) And what about Robert Young on Father Knows Best? As Midwestern Insurance Executive Jim Anderson he guided Princess, Bud and Kitten through the trials of 1950’s youth. Some have said shows like this idealized family life. Did audiences in the 1950’s think this was the way all families should act? Maybe. But I think we can look back these days and reflect upon the sweetness and the hokiness of the sitcoms. If nothing else we get to enjoy Eddie.

But what’s the real story of fatherhood in 2012? I’m happy to say we have two Areavoices bloggers who sum things up pretty well and they do so with a poke at Young’s old show.


Father Knows Last blogger Jim Lindlauf and wife Sue

Father Knows Last is the story of Grand Forks father and husband Jim Lindlauf. He’s been blogging on Areavoices since 2009 and if anyone knows the fatherhood game, it’s Jim. He’s been married for 27 years and is raising a teenage son.




Father Knows Least

Our second father blogger is in a totally different place, Father Knows Least, is written from the perspective of a brand new dad. Kirby became a dad in December, and writes “from the horror stories of projectile fluids, to the simple joy of a baby giggle, I hope you enjoy the comedy that has become my life.” We do, Kirby.


Happy Father’s Day dads, and whether you know best, least or last, we love you!