More from the Oil Boom, Junkfest and a Little Something for Teachers – Areavoices Digest #83


I’m really excited about this week’s list of recommended Areavoices blogs. I’m excited to welcome news from Black Gold Boom,  a multimedia project exploring the oil boom in western North Dakota. Stories air on Prairie Public and are produced by Todd Melby. This blog is a supplement to their existing website and should provide a peek at life inside the boom.


Cassie, Missy and Lynette call themselves “girls who love junk” so they created Junkfest (the event and the blog). “Now held at the Foster County Fairgrounds in Carrington, ND, the annual Autumn Junk Fest has become a festive gathering of Trash Talkers and Treasure Seekers!  You’ll find tons of refurbished and repurposed treasures for your home and garden.  JunkFest also hosts the best and fastest growing Flea Market in these parts!” Sounds like fun!

Back in April of 2009,  a self-proclaimed, “crazy 8th grade Language Arts teacher from St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin” came up with an idea to create a place for teachers to share their professionalism and passion for teaching. We Teach We Learn is the result.

Here are all of this week’s list of blogs you might want to check out!

Black Gold Boom
How Oil Changed North Dakota.

Life in the Patch
A Forum Communications blog documenting the good, the bad, the ugly and the pretty in oil-rich Western North Dakota.

We Teach We Learn
A place for teachers (and others interested in education) to share their professionalism and passion for teaching and learning.

Family and Living
Your source for family-centered content, for all stages of your life.

Restoring elegance to roadside finds.

4 thoughts on “More from the Oil Boom, Junkfest and a Little Something for Teachers – Areavoices Digest #83

  1. Why has ‘Life in the Patch’ been designated as spam?? Has the blogger gotten to close to the ugly truths about fracking and just how cowardly some businesses are being operated all in the name of the almighty dollar??? Please bring this blog back as it has shown that real lives are affected by this boom time in North Dakota.
    Thank you in advance, Michael Jacobs.

    • Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Sometimes, our spam filter gets overzealous trapping legitimate blogs. I will fix it immediately! It’s a great blog. Thanks again!

  2. Thank you for featuring We Teach We Learn in your recommended new blogs. While the blog is about teaching and learning, I just wanted to clarify that the content is far from teacher specific.

    Informative in nature (and tone), it always relates to learning, and its target audience is anyone interested in the process of learning. Parents and teachers are obvious readers, but I’ve also received positive feedback from administrators, school board members, grandparents, community leaders and business owners.

    Topics include:

    Emotional intelligence
    Early child/adolescent growth and development
    Educational technology
    Educational research
    Brain research
    Gender differences as they relate to learning (my masters thesis)
    Insights into specific school related things like high stakes tests, teacher evaluation models, special ed, parent/school/teacher/administrator roles and relationships (I may have a somewhat unique perspective as I am both a parent and a teacher), etc . . .
    And whatever other sorts of things might occur to me related to the art and science of teaching and learning.

    Lots of great interesting content written for anyone interested in learning a bit about the art and science of learning, and getting more out of their own (as well as others) brains.

    Thanks again Tracy, for featuring the We Teach We Learn blog!


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